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Rippa Rit's Tips

Ripp Rit's Squash tips

Hang onto your head

How can we lose our head? Easily.  How? What?when you get ahead and get excited or anxious to win, hang onto your head.when winners miss or shots go ...

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Which foot forward?

Are you a beginner?

How to Play Squash

Scared of being hit?

The Guru Blog

raystrach's squash blog

Three Little Things

It's been a while. My last full post on this website was over four years ago, although it seems more like 4 months. In defence of the level of my own ineptitude, ...

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The Guru's Shorts...

There are 60 square metres of floor space on a Squash court but only 4 corners. To use the space effectively, you must hit the ball to the corners.

The Guru Says What??

Members' Forum

21 Feb 20 - 04:35 - SquashForum
Advise for a beginner

11 Feb 20 - 16:47 - Squash Gear Forum
Hyper Hammer 120 string and tension?

02 Jan 20 - 19:31 - Squash Gear Forum

16 Dec 19 - 15:43 - Squash Gear Forum
Shoes with too much grip

16 Dec 19 - 15:37 - Squash Gear Forum
Mid shoe recommendations

16 Dec 19 - 14:58 - Squash Gear Forum
Squash Racket Stringing

05 Dec 19 - 17:55 - SquashStory
One Big Thing

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Library Discussion

Squash Player Safety Guidelines
diabetic Player

Squash Training Routines
How to get the training diagrams?

Basic Squash Backhand and Squash Forehand Swing
Speed v power

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